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Lydia Chernicoff violin

Pamela Hentges violin

Music tells a tale! Selected from Béla Bartók’s 44 Duets for Two Violins, this set of twenty-five pieces, each based on a peasant folk melody, is a series of miniatures: a mosquito dance, a wedding song, a march, a lullaby.

We’ve arranged the pieces to tell an overarching tale, a love story that begins on May Day and ends in surprise. These charming duets, as short as twenty-seven seconds, as long as two minutes, delight the ear and the imagination. We dare you not to tap your foot! Presented in collaboration with the Charleston County Public Library.

Songs of Heaven and Earth WITH DATE Fron




Lydia Chernicoff violin

Pamela Hentges violin

Sadie Nichols viola

Natalia Khoma cello

Maddalena Casulana – Five Madrigals

Florence Price – Five Folk Songs in Counterpoint


In a program that celebrates two groundbreaking women composers, you'll hear Italy's Maddalena Casulana's mysterious Five Madrigals — songs she wrote in the 16th century, arranged for string quartet, and, from four centuries later, African American composer Florence Price's Five Folk Songs in Counterpoint, based on American songs and spirituals including Oh My Darlin’ Clementine, Shortnin' Bread, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Presented in collaboration with the Charleston County Public Library.

Forever, My Grace Popster 3 WHITE TYP2B.



Mari Yoshinaga and Garrett Arney percussion

Ian Gottlieb composer

Based on an imaginary folk tale in which a king asks a variety of philosophers to define the infinite, each movement offers a different conception of forever. Performed by percussion ensemble arx duo, Forever, My Grace introduces the listener to new worlds of sound, by turns calming and invigorating.

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Alva Anderson voice + viola

Duda Lucena voice + guitar

“With its hushed intimacy, poetic lyrics, alluring melodies and mesmerizing rhythms, bossa nova music continues to cast a spell 60 years after it first came into the world. It possesses an ineffable quality that just seems to epitomize coolness, transcend time and transport the listener to another place.” — Charles Waring


Escape to Rio! You’ll hear the choro, samba rhythms, and jazz — and the sensual, flowing Bossa Nova tunes that bring it all together.

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