Our Mission

New Muse Concerts exists to bring people and ideas together through music, with daring programming and vibrant performances that inspire us to hear music — and see the world — in new ways. 

More About New Muse

New Muse Concerts is dedicated to presenting classical chamber music in the context of diverse musical traditions, exploring the creative interplay between them, and telling stories that reveal their cultural and historical connections. 


Our performances have a lively, casual atmosphere. We present concerts in surprising places, to bring together and delight both new and experienced listeners. 


New Muse offers an inside view of the exhilarating repertoire written for a small number of instruments, and meant to be enjoyed in intimate spaces.


New Muse partners with other cultural and educational organizations in the Charleston community to bring music to a broad and diverse audience. 


We respect and celebrate the composer, the composition, the musician and the listener — and their spirited collaboration.

Meet Lydia

Lydia Chernicoff, Artistic Director


“For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than live music performed by a small ensemble, close up. The subtle yet palpable communication between the players is what makes it so alluring. You don’t need to know anything about the music to feel the energy. It draws you right into a world of sound.


My first violin teacher had her students playing together almost as soon as we started playing — and the excitement of exploring a new piece with other musicians has never diminished. I’ve performed all over the world, often in places where I don’t speak the language, and I’ve experienced first-hand the rapport between people that only music can create.


Fabulous music in the company of good friends and interesting strangers. Lively, creative collaboration between composers, players, and listeners. Concerts that tell stories about what matters to us now, locally and globally. That’s my vision for New Muse.”

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